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We are Lateo.

A digital community who understand that freedom of speech and diversity of thought are critical for human flourishing.

We are rethinking the digital community. How do we guarantee the right to speak openly and freely without fear of being censored or banned, but also encourage the better sides of our humanity?

Your Rights.

Freedom of speech

We protect your right to free speech.

Privacy, Anonymity and Accountability

You have the right to privacy and anonymity while providing contractual accountability. We verify your identity when you join the community, and then its up to you how anonymous you wish to remian.

Data Ownership, Transparency and Controls

You own your data. You choose who you share data with and what data you share and we give you the ability to control who can see your content with a wide variety of controls.

Our Principles.

No Ads

There are no ads, we mean zero ads. We will never sell your attention to advertisers. But, Lateo does cost money to run. This means Lateo requires you to email us to become a subscriber. If you are looking for free, then this is not for you.

No Tracking

We will never track you. What you do is your own business. We are not going to monitor your every interaction and try to find ways to keep you glued to the screen because life is beautiful and going outside and talking to people is a wonderful thing.

No Sharing Your Data

Your personal information is never shared with anyone, ever. You control what happens with your data.

No Bots

Bots and fake accounts are a waste of everyones time. This means you are going to be asked to verify that you're a real human.

No Creator or Artist Gouging

Because were a subscription based platform, we dont charge fees or take a cut of any money that you spend. Whether you are paying for content, products, making donations or supporting artists, 100% of what you spend, goes where you expect it to.

Why Lateo?

The internet has so much promise. It truly has the capcity to improve humanity, through bringing together diverse ideas and allowing every person to have a voice.

But over time, we have seen further and further divison and tribalism taking over not only the digital world, but in a real world way. The cause of this, to put it simply was the tech industries choice to provide free services and content paid for by advertising. You have been targeted and turned into a commodity. Your habits and data are not only sold to advertisiers, but manipulated to ensure the value promised to advertisers is realised.

This was a mistake.

While free content which is paid for by advertising has lead to exponential growth, it has also caused a multitude of problems for society. This was not intentional, but it is a consequence that is going to be hard to escape.

We can do better. We are ready to evolve.

The Lateo Platform

We are developing the Lateo platform to truly be a place that puts whats right for humanity over profits. We are building a content platform that can be used across a vast range of digital areas. A platform that lets ideas stand on their own merit.

What we are building...

How it will work...

Lateo will be a single tier subscription based platform. You will pay a nominated amount for basic access. On top of basic access, content creators will choose the right payment model that is right for them, from free, to donation to their own subscriptions, and you can then purchase content as you discover it.

Essentially, you are the type of person who wants to pay for a service, get no ads, and also you value content creators and wish to support them directly, knowing that Lateo does not take a cut. By subscribing and becoming a community member, you will be able to share directly in any profit that Lateo generates. This is one of the keys to ensuring that we don't put profits over people.

If you want to see the Lateo community come to life, as it is described here, email us to organize a $5 Donation Today that will help fund the development of the Lateo platform.

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