Britain’s first vegan butcher unveils plant-based Christmas dinner – but it costs £79

The hamper includes plant-based “turk’y”, “peegs in blanket” and stuffing, as well as roast potatoes, sprouts, carrots, cabbage, Yorkshire puddings, gravy, mixed green, mash and gravy

Britain’s first vegan butcher has unveiled a fully plant-based Christmas dinner costing a whopping £79.

Rudy’s ‘Royal Christmas Meat Feast box’ serves two people and is packed with plant-based twists on Yuletide favourites.

The pricey hamper includes plant-based “turk’y”, “peegs in blanket” and stuffing. It also contains roast potatoes, sprouts, carrots, cabbage, Yorkshire puddings, gravy, mixed green, mash and gravy.

The posh pack-up will be delivered between December 22 and 23, according to the ‘butcher’.

Olie Barat raved: “Such a great box. We immediately bought another for Christmas.

“The meat lump is amazing and great in sandwiches with pickle. The potatoes were lovely and crispy and everything was so perfect. And so easy too!”

But carnivores such as Piers Morgan boycotted the business when it opened.

The presenter slammed: “A vegan butcher’s shop… and people wonder why I’ve written a book about the world going nuts.”

Rudy’s is also selling another £55 Christmas dinner box, which rapidly sold out after its launch last year.

The business opened on World Vegan Day – November 1 – last year, causing queues around the block as vegans went crackers for its treats, and it sold out within one hour.

It’s based in leafy Islington, north London.

It comes as a mum sparked a debate online, after revealing she refuses to have any non-vegan foods at her daughter’s first birthday party.

The mum-of-three explained that when her youngest was just three-months-old, they discovered she’s allergic to dairy and eggs and can’t eat them in any form without it making her very poorly.

So, for her first birthday, next weekend, the mum decided she wanted all food and drinks to be free from the ingredients she cannot eat, so that the youngster doesn’t end up accidentally eating something that will make her ill.

“We have spent so much time figuring out what she was allergic to and avoiding it, I wanted to have one day where we do not have to monitor everything she ate,” the mum explained on Reddit’s AITA forum.